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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.    What is Los Alamos Avgas, Inc.?

a.    Los Alamos Avgas, Inc. is a member-operated, not-for-profit* aviation fuel co-op that manages the equipment and sale of 100LL avgas at the self-service fuel pump located on taxiway F at the west end of runway 9-27.  

b.    The purpose of the co-op is to provide on-site avgas for local as well as transient pilots. Membership in the fuel co-op is not required to purchase fuel.

c.     As per the by laws, Los Alamos Avgas, Inc. is managed by a (volunteer) Board of Directors whom are elected from the general membership at the annual member’s meeting. Members of the Board serve for a minimum term of one year. A list of current Board Members can be found at: http://www.lamavgas.com/home/board-of-directors.

2.    What are the benefits of membership?

a.    Active members of the Los Alamos Avgas, Inc. co-op receive a 35¢ per gallon discount off of the posted fuel price when they use their registered credit card(s).

3.    How do I become a member?

a.    Co-op membership can be obtained by filling out the Membership Application form at http://www.lamavgas.com/home/membership-application/. Be sure to fill in your name in the applicable application box EACTLY as it appears on your credit card: e.g. John Q. Public, Jr. If your name as printed on your credit card contains any diacritical (accent) marks, or if your card is a business card but is printed with your name, you may need to contact the Board Vice President (vicepres@lamavgas.com) or Board Secretary (secretary@lamavgas.com) to ensure that your printed name matches the name encoded on the card’s magnetic strip.

b.    After submitting the membership application, you will be sent an email with the address to which you must send in a $20 annual membership fee. Membership is valid from the time of submission until the next annual Los Alamos Avgas, Inc. board member’s meeting, typically held in July. Note: if you complete a membership application in May, for example, your membership (and $20 fee) will only be valid until July of the same year.

c.     The membership fee is waived for those who attend the annual member’s meeting AND sign the attendance roster. Note: you must still fill out the membership form online in order to provide your credit card information to the co-op. Credit card information can ONLY be provided to the co-op through the online application form: http://www.lamavgas.com/home/membership-application.

d.    Co-op membership dues are NOT charged to any credit card(s) on file, so the $20 membership fee MUST be paid by personal check or money order and sent to the address emailed to you via the online membership application.

4.    How many credit cards can I have on file?

a.    A co-op member can register several credit cards with the co-op to receive the member discount simply by filling out a new membership application (see 3.a. above) for each credit card. However, cards that remain inactive for more than 30 days after the board member’s annual meeting will be deleted from the co-op credit card roster. If you have only one credit card on file then that card will NOT be deleted from the roster if not used within this 30-day period following the board member’s annual meeting.

5.    When and where is the annual Avgas meeting?

a.    The date and location of the annual avgas co-op meeting is held at the discretion of the board, typically in July.  The board will provide 30-days notice to members of the date, time, and place of the meeting: often it is held in a Los Alamos County building located on Camino Entrada, off East Road/Hwy 502.

6.    What if I miss the annual avgas meeting?

a.    See items 3.a. and 3.b. above.

7.    How do I change credit card information?

a.    If you need to change credit card information or add a credit card, simply fill out a new membership application form online at http://www.lamavgas.com. If you need to cancel a credit card please submit your cancellation request to the Board Secretary (secretary@lamavgas.com) with the credit card information.

8.    Can I tell if my credit card will receive the discounted fuel price BEFORE I buy Fuel?

a.    Yes. If you unsure if your credit card is registered with the co-op to receive the member discount, you can check it by swiping your credit card in the fuel pump just as if you were going to purchase fuel. After entering any amount of fuel to purchase, e.g. 1 gallon, the pump display will show the price per gallon. You may then cancel the transaction by switching the pump on and off again. You may also print out a receipt of the transaction, which will also list the price per gallon associated with your card.

9.    What if I do not receive my discount after refueling?

a.    If for some reason you do not receive the membership discount, please check to make sure your membership is current and that you are using a credit card registered with the co-op (see 8.a. above). Please inquire with the Avgas Board Secretary (secretary@lamavgas.com) regarding membership dues. If your membership is current and your card supposed to be registered, please email the following information to the Avgas Board Secretary to request a refund:

                                               i.     Name

                                             ii.     Date

                                            iii.     Gallons purchased

b.    NOTE: refunds for current members who used their registered cards but did not receive the discount are only processed in 3-month intervals. Refunds will be credited to the registered card used to purchase the fuel at the end of each 3-month period. 

c.     No refunds will be given if you did not use a co-op registered credit card or your membership has expired.  

10.  What if I see a (mechanical) problem at the fuel pump?

a.    If the problem is an emergency, e.g. a fuel leak, there is an emergency shut-off, a red button, located on the West side of the large hangar located just East of the fuel pump.

b.    Emergency and contact phone numbers are printed on the inside of the fuel pump door.

c.     If there is an issue that is NOT an emergency, please contact the Los Alamos Avgas board via email or one of the contact numbers on the inside of the fuel pump door.

*A not-for-profit entity is distinct from a non-profit entity.